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  [00:03.88]Buzz Lightyear to the rescue! 巴斯光年前来救援!
[00:11.91]- Open.  - Way to go, Buzz. Come on. - 打开了  - 干得好 巴斯 走
[00:18.95]- Is it safe?  - I guess I’ll find out. - 安全吗?  - 我想我该先去探探
[00:28.98]- Woody, are you ok?  - Yeah, come on down. - 伍迪 你还好吗?  - 是 下来吧
[00:32.33]- But not all at once.  - What did he say? - 但是不要同时下来  - 他说什么?
[00:34.62]- I think he said, all at once.  - No. No, no, no, no, no! - 好像是 同时下去  - 不 不是 不 不 不 不!
[00:42.63]- Thanks Jess.  - Where’s my spacecraft? - 翠丝 多谢  - 我的飞船在哪儿?
[00:45.46]Almost there guys. Slink, you think you can make it? 就差一步了 伙计们 弹簧狗 你觉得你可以吗?
[00:49.05]I might be old, but I still got a spring in my step. 我可能有点老 但我老当益壮
[00:54.57]- He did it!  - All right, Slinkykins! - 他做到了!  - 弹簧狗 你太棒了!
[00:56.89]Ok, climb across. 好了 快爬过来吧
[01:01.47]You lost, little doggie? 小狗狗 你迷路了吗?
[01:06.08]Well, well, look who’s back. 喔 喔 看看谁在后面呢
[01:17.38]I’m sorry, Cowboy. They broke me. 牛仔 很抱歉 他们逼我说的
[01:21.74]What are you all doing? Running back to your kid? 你们想干嘛? 去找你们主人?
[01:25.34]- He don’t want you no more.  - That’s a lie. - 他再也不想要你们了  - 你说谎
[01:28.40]Is it? Tell me this Sheriff... 是吗? 你倒是说说看啊 警长...
[01:30.75]if your kid loves you so much, why is he leaving? 如果你们主人那么爱你们 干嘛要丢下你们?
[01:34.52]You think you’re special, Cowboy? You’re a piece of plastic. 牛仔 你觉得自己很特别? 你不过是块塑料
[01:38.80]You were made to be thrown away. 注定要被扔掉的

[01:42.62]Speak of the devil. 说到恶魔啊
[01:49.67]Now, we need toys in our Caterpillar1 Room 现在我们需要一些玩具去毛毛虫小儿室
[01:53.23]and you need to avoid that truck. 而你们想避开那辆卡车
[01:55.86]Why don’t you come on back join our family again? 何不重新回到我们的家呢?
[01:59.94]This isn’t a family, it’s a prison. You’re a liar2 and a bully3. 那里才不是家 是监狱 你这个骗子 恶霸
[02:04.08]And I’d rather rot in this dumpster than join any family of yours. 我宁可腐烂在垃圾桶里 也绝不加人你所谓的家
[02:08.14]Jessie’s right. Authority should derive4 from the consent of the governed, 翠丝说的没错 权力应当建立在被统治者的合意之上
[02:11.91]not from the threat of force. 而不是靠压迫
[02:14.24]If that’s what you want. 如果你们非要这样
[02:18.06]Barbie, wait! Don’t do this, Lotso! 芭比 等等! 抱抱熊 别这样!

  [02:21.63]She’s a barbie doll, Ken5. There’s a hundred million just like her. 肯尼 她不过是个芭比娃娃 像她这样的 有成千上万个
[02:26.69]Not to me there’s not. 对我来说 她是唯一
[02:29.39]Fine. Then why don’t you join them? 既然这样 你去和他们一起 不是更好?
[02:35.55]- Oh Ken!  - Everyone listen. - 哦 肯尼!  - 大家听着
[02:37.38]Sunnyside can be cool and groovy if we treated each other fair. 如果我们能在阳光幼儿园和平共处 那一定很美好
[02:41.38]It’s Lotso. He’s made us into a pyramid, and he put himself on top. 都是抱抱熊 他想统治我们所有人
[02:45.80]Anyone concur6 with Ken? 有谁赞同肯尼吗?
[02:51.13]I didn’t throw you away, your kid did. 又不是我抛弃了你们 是你们的主人
[02:53.98]Ain’t one kid ever loved a toy, really. 没有哪个主人 真正爱过自己的玩具
[02:56.69]Chew on that when you’re in the dump. 等你们到垃圾场的时候 自己好好想想吧
[02:59.49]Wait. What about Daisy? 等一下 Daisy也是吗?
[03:02.80]I don’t know what you’re talking about. 我不知道你在说什么
[03:04.74]Daisy. You used to do everything with her. Daisy 就是那个曾和你形影不离的女孩
[03:08.24]- Yeah, then she threw us out.  - No, she lost you. - 对 然后她把我们扔了  - 不 是弄丢了
[03:11.85]- She replaced us.  - She replaced you. - 她给我们找了替代品  - 只是替代了你
[03:14.51]And if you couldn’t have her, then no one could! 你得不到她的爱 也不想让别人得到!
[03:16.69]You lied to Big Baby and you’ve been lying ever since. 你骗了大宝宝 一直到现在都在骗他
[03:20.78]- Where’d you get that?  - She loved you, Lotso. - 你从哪听说的?  - 抱抱熊 她爱过你
[03:23.40]- She never loved me!  - As much as any kid ever loved a toy. - 她从没爱过我!  - 就像每个孩子都爱过他的玩具
[03:30.99]- Mama.  - What? You want your mommy back? - 妈妈  - 什么? 想回到你妈妈那儿去?
[03:35.16]She never loved you! Don’t be such a baby! 她从没有爱过你! 别孩子气了!
[03:40.42]Push them in. All of them. 把他们全部扔进去
[03:43.49]This is what happens when you dummies7 try to think. 你们这群笨蛋一思考就出事
[03:46.31]We’re all just trash waiting to be thrown away. 我们只不过都是等着被扔掉的垃圾
[03:49.77]That’s all a toy is. 玩具都是这样
[03:52.62]Hey, stop it! Put me down, you idiot! 嘿 住手! 放我下来 你个白痴!
[03:57.56]No, no, wait a minute! Baby, wait! 不 不 等等! 大宝宝 等等!
[04:03.36]- He’s gone.  - Holy cow. - 他被扔进去了  - 我的天呐
[04:10.76]Come on. Hurry. 来吧 快走
[04:19.02]- Oh for crying out loud!  - Come on. - 哦 真糟糕!  - 快点

  [04:24.54]- No!  - Woody! - 不!  - 伍迪!
[04:30.56]Oh boy. Incoming! 哦 伙计们 要过来了!
[04:33.86]Come on. 快
[04:36.53]Barbie, no! 芭比 不要!
[04:41.81]Woody! 伍迪!
[04:46.79]No! 不!
[04:52.82]Can you hear me? Is everyone ok? 能听到吗? 大家还好吗?
[04:55.52]Of course not, you imbecile! We’re doomed8! 当然不好 笨蛋! 我们完蛋了!
[04:59.79]Everyone, go to Buzz. Come on. 大家都到巴斯光年那儿去 快



1 caterpillar ir5zf     
  • A butterfly is produced by metamorphosis from a caterpillar.蝴蝶是由毛虫脱胎变成的。
  • A caterpillar must pass through the cocoon stage to become a butterfly.毛毛虫必须经过茧的阶段才能变成蝴蝶。
2 liar V1ixD     
  • I know you for a thief and a liar!我算认识你了,一个又偷又骗的家伙!
  • She was wrongly labelled a liar.她被错误地扣上说谎者的帽子。
3 bully bully     
  • A bully is always a coward.暴汉常是懦夫。
  • The boy gave the bully a pelt on the back with a pebble.那男孩用石子掷击小流氓的背脊。
4 derive hmLzH     
  • We derive our sustenance from the land.我们从土地获取食物。
  • We shall derive much benefit from reading good novels.我们将从优秀小说中获得很大好处。
5 ken k3WxV     
  • Such things are beyond my ken.我可不懂这些事。
  • Abstract words are beyond the ken of children.抽象的言辞超出小孩所理解的范围.
6 concur CnXyH     
  • Wealth and happiness do not always concur.财富与幸福并非总是并存的。
  • I concur with the speaker in condemning what has been done.我同意发言者对所做的事加以谴责。
7 dummies e634eb20db508e3a31b61481a251bf93     
n.仿制品( dummy的名词复数 );橡皮奶头;笨蛋;假传球
  • If he dummies up, just try a little persuasion. 如果他不说话,稍微劝劝他就是了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • All the articles in the window are dummies. 橱窗里的全部物品都是仿制品。 来自《简明英汉词典》
8 doomed EuuzC1     
  • The court doomed the accused to a long term of imprisonment. 法庭判处被告长期监禁。
  • A country ruled by an iron hand is doomed to suffer. 被铁腕人物统治的国家定会遭受不幸的。

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