听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 22

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  [00:01.53]No, thank you. 不要,谢了
[00:03.47]- Ever? - I hope not. -永远不回去? -希望不要
[00:06.21]Why not? 为什么?
[00:07.87]Well, because some things are fun the first time you do them... 有些事第一次做很好玩
[00:10.88]...and then not so much the next. 第二次就不好玩
[00:13.41]- Like the bus? - Yeah, like the bus. -就像搭公车? -对,就像搭公车
[00:16.52]I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, should I? 对不起,我不该笑的
[00:32.73]Sometimes when we’re moving at night... 有时候我们趁晚上搬家
[00:34.63]...we pass houses with lights and people. 经过灯火明亮的房子
[00:38.14]Sometimes you can hear them laugh. 看到里面的人欢笑或唱歌
[00:45.41]The next day, after work... 隔天下了班
[00:48.98]...we just went to the beach. 我们就去海滩
[00:51.42]Far away from anything. 远离一切
[00:53.52]Everything. 一切
[00:55.09]Just Christopher and me. 只有我和小克
[00:58.39]- Did you see me? - Yeah. -你有看到吗? -有
[01:00.96]Far away from buses and noise... 远离公车和喧嚣

[01:04.26]...and a constant1 disappointment2 in my ten-gallon head... 以及我遭受的种种挫折和失败
[01:11.07]...and myself. 还有我自己
[01:13.54]- Chris, thank you very much. - Well, thank you, Dean3. -谢谢你 -不,谢谢你
[01:16.11]- Take care. - You made all the right moves. -保重了 -交给我们你就能安心
[01:18.14]Thanks, Chris. 谢了 ,克里斯
[01:21.75]Because when I was young... 我小时候
[01:23.28]...and I’d get an A on a history test or whatever... 每次考试考满分
[01:27.25]...I’d get this good feeling about all the things that I could be. 都觉得自己一定会成功
[01:33.76]And then I never became any of them. 最后却彻底失败
[01:44.90]- Hey, Chris. - Hey. 嗨,克里斯
[01:47.64]- How you doing, Jay? - I’m doing fine. -你好吗? -很好
[01:50.48]Rumor has it you signed 31 accounts4 for us from Pacific Bell. 听说你签到电信公司31个合约
[01:54.81]Yeah, yeah. 是啊
[01:56.45]Met some guys at a ball game, got some cards. I’ve been working. 我在球赛认识一些人 我很努力说服了他们
[02:00.45]I guess. 我猜是吧
[02:05.06]So one more day. 只剩一天
[02:07.49]Getting nervous? 紧张吗?
[02:09.66]- No, I’m okay. - Yeah? 不紧张,我还好
[02:12.23]Listen, whatever happens... 不管怎样
[02:14.37]’ve done a fantastic job, Chris. 你都表现得很好
[02:17.00]I mean that. 我是说真的
[02:19.40]Take care of yourself. 保重了
[02:36.22]Yes, Mr. Johnson. Chris Gardner, Dean Witter. 我是添惠证券的克里斯
[02:39.73]Yes, sir. Just calling to thank you very much... 谢谢你参加
[02:42.03]...for your support at last month’s seminar5. 上个月的说明会
[02:45.06]Yes, sir. Absolutely. 是的,没问题
[02:47.37]Yes, sir. 是的
[02:49.20]No, sir, that’s it. 就这样

  [02:50.77]Thank you very much. Bye-bye. 谢谢你,再见
[02:54.87]Chris. Come. 克里斯,来吧
[03:25.14]- Hi, Chris. - Mr. Frohm, good to see you. -嗨,克里斯 -很高兴见到你
[03:29.37]- Nice shirt. - Thank you, sir. -很帅的衬衫 -谢谢你
[03:31.51]- Chris. - Hey, Jay. 克里斯
[03:33.15]- Chris. - Chris, sit down, please. 克里斯,请坐
[03:40.35]I thought I’d wear a shirt today. 我今天特地穿了衬衫
[03:44.62]You know, being the last day and all. 今天是最后一天
[03:46.79]Well, thank you. Thank you. We appreciate that. 谢谢你,感激不尽
[03:53.00]...wear one tomorrow though, okay? 记得明天也要穿衬衫
[03:56.00]Because tomorrow’s going to be your first day... 因为那是你 正式上班的第一天
[03:59.67]...if you’d like to work here as a broker6. 如果你想当股票经纪人的话
[04:04.24]Would you like that, Chris? 你想要吗?
[04:06.98]Yes, sir. 当然想
[04:08.78]Good. We couldn’t be happier. 很好,我们对你很满意
[04:13.12]So welcome. 欢迎加入本公司
[04:18.16]- Was it as easy as it looked? - No, sir. No, sir, it wasn’t. -这有你想的那么简单吗? -没有,并没有
[04:25.50]- Good luck, Chris. - Thank you. Thank you. -祝你好运 -谢谢大家
[04:34.31]Oh, Chris. 对了 ,克里斯
[04:38.68]I almost forgot. 我差点忘了
[04:42.81]Thank you. 谢谢你



1 constant PZyyy     
  • This suit has been in constant wear for two years.这一套衣服已连续穿了两年。
  • An absolute constant is fixed and can not be changed.绝对常数是固定而不可以改变的。
2 disappointment Lupx5     
  • The disappointment was cruel.失望是令人痛苦的。
  • She couldn't hide her disappointment.她无法掩饰自己失望的情绪。
3 Dean lmUyu     
  • The students much like the new dean.学生们很喜欢这位新系主任。
  • Who is the dean of the Foreign Languages Department?外语系主任是谁?
4 accounts lzgzsA     
  • Contemporary accounts attest to his courage and determination. 当时的报道证实了他的勇气和决心。
  • They confused me with conflicting accounts of what happened. 他们对发生的事所作的陈述自相矛盾,使我迷惑不解。
5 seminar izlwn     
  • The seminar aims to provide an overview on new media publishing.研讨会旨在综览新兴的媒体出版。
  • The seminar was to discuss diversification of agriculture.该研讨会讨论的是农业多种经营。
6 broker ESjyi     
  • He baited the broker by promises of higher commissions.他答应给更高的佣金来引诱那位经纪人。
  • I'm a real estate broker.我是不动产经纪人。

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