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  [00:03.68]你要记得你在和谁说话 You do remember who you’re taIking to.
[00:06.02]我就是那个让你重拾笔杆的那个人 l’m the guy who was pushing you to start writing again.
[00:09.02]所以你和每个人都要明白      那...  So you of aII peopIe shouId understand.         WeII, then...
[00:11.46]为什么他们会互相矛盾 whwhy do they need to be mutuaIIy excIusive?
[00:14.50]你可以边工作边恋爱啊 You can work and be in a reIationship.
[00:18.67]所以 我们 我们第二个 So, What? So So our our second
[00:20.94]是第三个机会 真的 不管怎样 就是现在 ThIrd chance, really Whatever It Is noW
[00:23.70]现在需要等吗 has to wait now?
[00:26.41]我从来没有停止过爱你 真的 l never stopped Ioving you. l l do.
[00:33.71]我爱你 我只是需要时间 l Iove you. l just need time.
[00:45.09]真是见鬼 This sucks1.
[00:50.16]好吧 Okay.
[01:55.23]你的小说真是太棒了 我简直不敢相信 II just can’t belIeve hoWGreat the revIeWs are for your novel.
[01:59.17]真是不可思议啊 l mean, unbeIievabIe.
[02:01.24]我虽然喜欢但是把它看完还真是煎熬啊 l gotta admit though. l had a tough time getting through it.
[02:03.74]你让我成天去翻字典 You had me going to the dictionary way too much.
[02:08.31]你 你没有告诉我布莱恩回来了 So you didn’tyou didn’t teII me that Brian was coming back to town.
[02:11.45]我没说过吗? l didn’t mention that to you?

[02:13.78]你肯定是健忘 对吧? No. Must have just sIipped your mind though, huh?
[02:16.02]是啊 记性真是不好 Must have just sIipped my mind.
[02:18.09]那他 他为什么不呆在纽约? So why hasn’t he, um, been spending that much time in New York?
[02:22.19]他也要出他的新书 所以需要出去找灵感 WeII, you know, he’s got his new book out too, so he’s doing the book tour.
[02:25.79]但我觉得是某些东西伤了他的心啊... But l think it has something to do with the fact that you broke his heart...
[02:29.13]他在纽约就会不停的想着你 and he can’t waIk around the streets of New York without thinking about you.
[02:32.80]他呼喊 呼唤 真是太可怜了 He does a Iot of crying. The whoIe thing is pretty pathetic2.
[02:35.34]我真不敢想象 l don’t even Iike to think about it.
[02:37.34]他一定是伤心透了 He must not be that brokenhearted.
[02:39.34]我电话他好多次 他都不回我 l caIIed him a bunch3 of times, and he never even caIIed me back, so
[02:43.04]是不是 那个 他有喜欢上的人了 lsls ls he seeing ls he seeing someone now?
[02:45.55]我想我们是来讨论我做你律师的问题的... l thought we made a deaI when l became your Iawyer...
[02:48.72]我们没必要去讨论关于我好友的私生活 that we wouId not discuss affairs of the heart as it reIates to my best friend.

  [02:52.55]是吗?      好吧  Did we not?         No. Right. Okay.
[02:54.76]不说这些了      好  AII right?         Yep. Mmhmm.
[02:57.22]嘿 凯特 快点了 我们再不出发就要迟到了  Hey, Kate. Come on. Let’s go. We’re gonna be Iate.
[03:00.46]帕蒂 他没告诉你我们晚上要出去吃晚饭吗 God, PattI. DId he tell you? We already had dInner plans.
[03:03.56]真对不起 我完全忘记了今晚要去见他的父母 l’m so sorry. l totaIIy forgot that we were seeing his parents.
[03:06.73]凯特 这没什么大不了的 Kate, it’s no big deaI.
[03:08.74]是啊 告诉你她其实有多么期待这件事啊 Yeah, gives you an idea of how much she’s Iooking forward to it, right?
[03:11.74]快走吧 我妈妈好想你呢 Now Iet’s go. My mom misses you.
[03:13.84]我可是很幽默的 记得吗? l’m the funny one, remember?
[03:15.84]好了 我也要回去看会书 lt’s filne. l’m gonna go home and do some reading.
[03:18.08]享受自我空间      别啊 和我一起去吧  AII by myseIf, aIone.         Oh. No. No. Come with me.
[03:21.12]别再找借口不去见家长了  Any excuse not to have to taIk to his mom.
[03:23.42]嘿 快点了 凯特 Hey, Kate. Let’s Go.
[03:28.72]你怎么了      没事啊  Are you okay?         Yeah.
[03:31.63]我很好 真的 没事的 No, l l’m great. lt’s aII good.
[03:37.83]你好 布莱恩 Hi, Brian.
[03:40.07]法兰克死了吗      是的  So Frank4’s dead.         Yes, he is.
[03:43.74]那一切都结束了吗? Does this mean it’s over?
[03:46.24]是的 这是最后一本奈特系列了 lt is the Last KnIGht5.
[03:48.34]好吧 Yeah.
[04:02.22]勒翰先生 不好意思 Uh, Mr. CaIIahan. Hey. l’m sorry.
[04:04.23]我知道你已经签售一个小时了       是啊  Uh, l know you’ve been here an hour aIready.         Yeah.
[04:06.86]但排队已经排到转角了      真的吗?  But there is a Iine down to the corner.         ReaIIy?
[04:10.73]是啊 我想 Yeah. And,
[04:12.80]您能否再多呆会儿呢 比预期多呆会 uh So you might have to stay here a IittIe bit Ionger than anticipated6.
[04:15.40]可以吗?      没问题  WiII that be okay?         That’s filne.
[04:19.21]谢谢 Thanks.
[04:21.21]嗨      帅哥 太棒了  Hi.         Dude. Loved it.
[04:23.51]是吗?      千真万确  Yeah?         Loved it.
[04:24.81]你能重新写奈特小说 我真是太高兴了 I am so Glad that you Got back to KnIGht tales.

  [04:27.45]但你让法兰克死了 But you kiIIed off Frank.
[04:29.36]我想 你会让他复活的 对吗? l mean, you’re gonna bring him back, right?
[04:30.65]不 他是死了 WeII, he did die.
[04:32.69]哦 真遗憾 WeII, that’s a shame.
[04:34.89]你要签什么? What have you got?
[04:38.39]签这个上 Sign this.
[04:43.76]好了     谢谢了  There you go.         Thank you.
[04:51.17]嗨      嗨  Hi.         HI. Uh
[04:53.81]恩 稍等下 很抱歉 各位 Uh, hoId on. Uh, l’m sorry, everybody.
[04:56.88]我想休息一会 l’m just gonna need to take a short break.
[04:58.88]我马上回来给大家签名 l’II be back to, uh, sign whatever you got.



1 sucks 9bbf7382baad324c5a97e18387f932d7     
v.吸,吮( suck的第三人称单数 );舐,吮吸
  • She still sucks her thumb when she's worried. 她在忧虑时仍然会吸吮大拇指。
  • Plant sucks from the soil. 植物从土壤中吸取养分。 来自《简明英汉词典》
2 pathetic VvqyY     
  • The animal gave a pathetic little whimper.这只动物低声哀叫,令人怜悯。
  • I refused to go along with their pathetic charade.我拒不跟他们摆出那副可悲的装模作样的姿态。
3 bunch CSryD     
  • A bunch of girls was[were] sitting on the grass.一群女孩坐在草地上。
  • I received a bunch of flowers yesterday.昨天我收到了一束鲜花。
4 frank JibxK     
  • A frank discussion can help to clear the air.坦率的谈论有助于消除隔阂。
  • She is frank and outgoing.她很爽朗。
5 knight W2Hxk     
  • He was made an honourary knight.他被授予荣誉爵士称号。
  • A knight rode on his richly caparisoned steed.一个骑士骑在装饰华丽的马上。
6 anticipated uzBzRQ     
  • A bumper wheat harvest is anticipated [expected] this year. 今年小麦可望获得丰收。
  • They have anticipated us and seized the bridge. 他们抢在我们之前占领了那座桥。

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