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  [00:06.84]- Hm. MIKE: Really? - 嗯 - 真的?
[00:14.36]- Now I’m sorry. - I guess I deserved that. - 现在让我向你道歉 - 我想这是我罪有应得
[00:18.88]The second one was out of line. It was uncalled for. Sorry. 第二下就太过分了 这是不合适的,对不起
[00:21.88]Are you okay? I’m really sorry. 你还好吗?我真的很抱歉
[00:23.40]Three makes it even. Now we’re even. 第三下让我们扯平了
[00:29.76]How are you? You okay? 你现在呢?还好吗?
[00:32.44]Yeah. 是的
[00:42.80]And finished. 都完成了
[00:47.64]With the rug area. 地毯也完成了
[00:48.68]But we’ve made very good progress. 不过我们已经有很大的进步了
[00:52.84]We deserve a break. 我们该歇一会儿了
[00:54.36]I lost my family. 我失去了我的家庭
[00:57.52]If it’s any consolation1, I think you really did help your kids. 虽然这听起来像安慰你的话 我想你真的帮到了你的孩子们
[00:58.72]Hey, Mike? 嗨,麦克?
[01:01.56]You did your job, and now the hero can move on. 你完成了你的职责 现在主角得继续前进了
[01:07.24]I don’t want to. 我不想继续下去了
[01:08.60]Maybe they don’t need me anymore, but I need them. 也许他们再也不需要我了 可我仍需要他们
[01:12.60]Hey, not to be a buzzkill... 嘿,我不是想扫你兴…
[01:15.12]...but you’re due in court... …不过你得在…
[01:18.44] 22 minutes. …在22分钟后出庭
[01:20.12]Ned, I need more time. 奈德,我需要更多的时间
[01:23.96]- I have to stop this. - To the Nedmobile. - 我得阻止这一切 - 该奈德机动队上场了
[01:26.32]- Wait, Ned, Ned, Ned. - Yes. - 等等,奈德,奈德,奈德 - 恩
[01:27.64]- Pants. - I should have pants on. Yes. - 你的裤子 - 我得穿上裤子,对

[01:42.88]NED: Come on, Glenn! 快点,格伦
[01:45.72]He’s nothing but a glorified2 midget wrangler3. 他不过是个自以为是的侏儒放牧人
[01:46.88]You wouldn’t be so big without that vest! 要不是那件背心,我会完全无视你
[01:50.24]Grab that thing that’s down there. Grab it. Just hold that up. 把下面那东西拿出来,举到头顶
[01:53.08]- Where you get this? - Best 20 ever spent. - 你从哪弄到这个的? - 20元店买到的最好的东西
[01:55.44]Saves me a half hour on my commute4. 在我上下班的路上 可以给我节省半个小时
[01:57.60]Dude, just hold it. Hold it way up. 伙计,举起来,举得高高的
[02:16.84]- The whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help you God? 你可以向上帝发誓你所说的都是事实 并无虚言吗?
[02:19.20]SCARLET: I do. 我发誓
[02:22.04]You request a divorce by the state of California... 你以无法调和的矛盾为理由请求…
[02:23.04]...citing irreconcilable5 differences. This correct? 加利福尼亚州政府判决离婚,对吗?
[02:27.04]- Yes, Your Honor. - Is Michael O’Donnell present? - 是的,法官大人 - 迈克尔·奥唐纳出席了吗?
[02:32.08]No, Your Honor. 没有,法官大人
[02:33.92]I take his absence as agreement to the orders of the divorce. 我将对其缺席做为他对离婚裁决的认可

  [02:40.12]- You are not requesting sole custody6? - No, Your Honor. - 你不申请独立监护权吗? - 不,法官大人
[02:43.48]"You can’t handle the truth!" “你承受不了真相”! (《A Few Good Men》经典台词)
[02:47.12]What? 什么?
[02:49.16]I’m sorry, I panicked. It was the first thing that came into my mind. 对不起,我慌了神,一下子脱口而出
[02:50.64]Your Majesty7. 陛下
[02:53.68]- Who are you? - That’s my husband’s best friend. - 你是谁? - 那是我丈夫最好的朋友
[02:58.52]You a lawyer, best friend? 你是律师吗?最好的朋友
[02:59.20]- Yes. - No. - 是的 - 不
[03:02.88]I believe the law degree in my pocket says so. 我相信我口袋里的这张法学学位证书 能证明我所言属实
[03:04.88]Yes, and it’s a little bit smeared8 because I sat on it in the car... 是的,它的确被弄糊了一点,不过是 因为在车上被我的屁股压成这样…
[03:11.56]...not because I printed it out recently. …而不是刚刚印刷出来的缘故
[03:16.92]Let’s pretend that’s real. Want to explain what you’re doing? 就让我们当你说的是真的 可以解释一下你要做什么吗?
[03:19.12]We... 我们…
[03:22.96]...are stopping a gross... …正要阻止一场十分明显的…
[03:27.28]...miscarriage9 ofjustice! …审判不公
[03:30.64]Okay, if you’d just let me explain. I can explain this. 好吧,如果你愿意听的话 我可以解释一切
[03:30.80]That... 那…
[03:33.84]If you would just listen... 只要你听我说…
[03:37.00]I’ve got a letter from Mike O’Donnell, he’s the husband in this case! 我这里有麦克·奥唐纳的一封信 也就是本案里的丈夫
[03:41.20]I’m sorry. We’re in the middle... 对不起,我们已经在进行…
[03:41.84]Your Honor, if it’s okay, I’d like to hear the letter, please. 法官大人,如果您允许 我想听听那封信怎么说
[03:53.24]MIKE: Thank you, Your Honor. 谢谢,法官大人
[03:56.08]This is a letter from Mike O’Donnell. 这是麦克·奥唐纳的一封信
[03:59.76]He wanted me to read it. 他想要我念出来
[04:05.60]"Scarlet... “斯嘉丽…
[04:07.28]...before you go through with this... …在你将离婚进行到底之前
[04:10.64]...I want to remind you of September 7th, 1988. …我想要和你一同回忆 1988年9月7号那一天
[04:16.32]It was the first time that I saw you. 这是我们第一次相遇的日子
[04:21.68]You were reading Less Than Zero. 你那时正在读《零下的激情》
[04:24.04]You were wearing a Guns N’ Roses T-shirt. 穿着枪与玫瑰摇滚乐团的T恤
[04:30.24]I’d never seen anything so perfect. 我从未遇见过如此完美无瑕的画面
[04:38.08]I remember thinking that I had to have you, or I’d die. 我记得那时候我想 我要是不能拥有你,我宁愿去死
[04:43.12]Then you whispered that you loved me... 后来在校友会的舞会上…
[04:47.12] the homecoming dance. …你幽幽地对我说,你爱我
[04:54.64]And I felt... 那时我觉得…
[04:55.00] peaceful... …一切是多么平和…



1 consolation WpbzC     
  • The children were a great consolation to me at that time.那时孩子们成了我的莫大安慰。
  • This news was of little consolation to us.这个消息对我们来说没有什么安慰。
2 glorified 74d607c2a7eb7a7ef55bda91627eda5a     
  • The restaurant was no more than a glorified fast-food cafe. 这地方美其名曰餐馆,其实只不过是个快餐店而已。
  • The author glorified the life of the peasants. 那个作者赞美了农民的生活。
3 wrangler poQyt     
  • When the strangled wrangler dangles the mangled spangles on the bangle jangle.被绞死的辩论者晃荡时,手镯上撕碎的小金属片发出刺耳的声音。
  • A wrangler is a cowboy who works with cattle and horses.牧马者是放牧牛马的牛仔。
4 commute BXTyi     
  • I spend much less time on my commute to work now.我现在工作的往返时间要节省好多。
  • Most office workers commute from the suburbs.很多公司的职员都是从郊外来上班的。
5 irreconcilable 34RxO     
  • These practices are irreconcilable with the law of the Church.这种做法与教规是相悖的。
  • These old concepts are irreconcilable with modern life.这些陈旧的观念与现代生活格格不入。
6 custody Qntzd     
  • He spent a week in custody on remand awaiting sentence.等候判决期间他被还押候审一个星期。
  • He was taken into custody immediately after the robbery.抢劫案发生后,他立即被押了起来。
7 majesty MAExL     
  • The king had unspeakable majesty.国王有无法形容的威严。
  • Your Majesty must make up your mind quickly!尊贵的陛下,您必须赶快做出决定!
8 smeared c767e97773b70cc726f08526efd20e83     
弄脏; 玷污; 涂抹; 擦上
  • The children had smeared mud on the walls. 那几个孩子往墙上抹了泥巴。
  • A few words were smeared. 有写字被涂模糊了。
9 miscarriage Onvzz3     
  • The miscarriage of our plans was a great blow.计划的失败给我们以巨大的打击。
  • Women who smoke are more to have a miscarriage.女性吸烟者更容易流产。

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