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  [00:07.34]Well, Coach, any final advice? 有什么最后忠告吗?
[00:11.46]Maintain eye contact. 保持眼神接触
[00:13.82]Eye contact. Eye contact. Eye contact. 眼神接触
[00:33.66](Whispering) What have you got going on here? 你穿上了什么啊
[00:35.66]You wanna look just special for the wedding. 在婚礼一定要衣冠楚楚的
[00:37.14]You should thank me and Lou for lending you the wedding car. ’63 Buick. 该感谢我们借婚车给你吧
[00:43.06]Thank you, Mrs. Trout1. 感谢你
[00:43.26]What are you saying? We’re practically family. 你干嘛说这种话?我们形同一家
[00:47.22]- How’s that there? 怎么样?
[00:47.62]- My name is Fisher. What’s yours? 我叫菲莎,未请教?
[00:50.30]Nice. Betty. That doesn’t want to come out, does it? 那条线老是不出来
[00:51.94]- You just pulled a hair from my neck. - There we are. 你扯着我颈部的毛了
[00:55.66]-Mrs. Trout, please. This is my wedding. -Yes. 杜太,这是我的婚礼
[00:59.06]Sit down. Thank you. We’re starting soon. 坐下来吧
[01:01.10]- Mrs. Trout. 杜太
[01:03.02]- He doesn’t have a-- - Don’t do-- Don’t. 别把手帕给他
[01:05.42]I just want that to be able to-- Fold it in the pocket. - Right in the pocket. - Please! Just go-- (Sighs) 折叠好就放入口袋里
[01:14.06]- Oh, thank you, Grandma. I love you. 祝你好运
[01:15.06]- Good luck, sweet girl. 谢谢你,婆婆
[01:15.74]- I’m really rooting for this one. - Okay, Dad. 我真的希望你嫁这个人
[01:20.90](Cory) The place is packed... with the whole town of Hale on the bride’s side, 全镇的人都坐在新娘那一边
[01:25.86]and with many New Yorkers on the groom’s side. 还有些纽约来客坐在新郎那边
[01:29.34]- Is this taken? - No. 这张椅子有人坐吗?
[01:34.42]I’m Elaine from Manhattan. 我是曼哈顿的依莲
[01:36.50]- I’m Bob, Maggie’s fourth attempt.  我叫波比,美姬丢弃的第四个丈夫
[01:37.58]- I’m sorry. 真是遗憾
[01:38.58]That’s okay. There’s a lid for every pot. 没关系啦,冤猪头都有纹鼻菩萨
[01:41.90]And I’m comfortable with Ike. 嫁给艾基我倒不太介怀
[01:46.66]It’s like Jack2 Dempsey lost his heavyweight title to a New Yorker. 杰克在拳王争霸战也败给纽约客
[01:50.90]Right. Gene3 Tunney. 对啊!他后来成为世界拳王
[01:54.58]- Whoa. - Spit! 吐出来吧
[01:58.78]Let’s go. 我们去吧
[02:03.38]Uh, okay. No sauntering down the aisle4. I don’t like that. 不要在教堂的神坛上慢步而行了
[02:04.86]- Make time. Just get there. Just go. - Fine. 我讨厌这样子,要急步走
[02:22.34]All rise, please. 请大家起立
[02:41.14]The bride is walking down the aisle. 新娘步下神坛通道了!
[02:43.70]Maggie Carpenter is walking down the aisle. 美姬走向神坛去行婚礼了!
[02:51.98]- Oh, she’s pausing.  她突然驻足不前
[02:53.62](Bob) Keep eye contact.- Stay with me. 集中精神跟着我

  [03:08.66](Pastor) Please be seated. Thank you. 请坐,谢谢各位
[03:11.14]I sneaked5 in a camera. We are gathered here today-- 我偷偷带了照相机来 我们共聚一堂…
[03:16.82]Thank you. 等礼成才可以照相
[03:23.26]We’re    No. 我们共聚一堂…
[03:28.26]- (Ike) Don’t. 别这样
[03:28.34]- (Pastor) Where’s she going?  她往哪里跑?
[03:29.70]- Maggie! - Block the doors! 封锁大门
[03:36.34]No, Maggie, don’t! 不,美姬
[03:46.26]Oh, never a dull moment at a Maggie wedding. 穿上这件婚纱还未够十分钟
[03:47.70]There’s a man coming with lots of candy in his pocket. 追我的男人有很多糖果
[03:50.22]If you tickle6 him, he’ll give you all his candy. Here you go, little queen. 你们截住他,他就会给你们
[03:58.06]- (Children) Give us some candy! - Whoa. No, not me. 给我们糖果
[03:59.06]Get the naughty bride. Naughty bride. 我没有,帮我拦截那个顽皮新娘
[04:03.74]No, no. It’s an Armani suit. 我这套是意大利名厂西装啊
[04:07.78]Wait! 等一下
[04:12.74]- Wait! - Maggie! 等一下
[04:15.74]Go. Go. Go, go. 快开
[04:20.66]Maggie! Maggie! 美姬!美姬!
[04:24.18]Don’t do it! Don’t! 别这样做嘛
[04:27.98]Maggie!  美姬
[04:28.10]- He’s running after her.  他一直跑着追她
[04:31.06]Maggie! No, Maggie! 美姬!不!
[04:32.34]- He’s in pretty good shape too. 他的体魄倒也很好
[04:34.74]Where do you think she’s going? 你以为她会去了哪里?
[04:38.70]Wherever it is, she’ll be there by 1 0:30 tomorrow. 无论何处,明早十点半一定送到
[04:42.02]Maggie! No! 美姬!不!
[04:51.46]Maggie! 美姬!
[04:53.46]No! No! 不,不!
[04:53.50]Maggie! 美姬!



1 trout PKDzs     
  • Thousands of young salmon and trout have been killed by the pollution.成千上万的鲑鱼和鳟鱼的鱼苗因污染而死亡。
  • We hooked a trout and had it for breakfast.我们钓了一条鳟鱼,早饭时吃了。
2 jack 53Hxp     
  • I am looking for the headphone jack.我正在找寻头戴式耳机插孔。
  • He lifted the car with a jack to change the flat tyre.他用千斤顶把车顶起来换下瘪轮胎。
3 gene WgKxx     
  • A single gene may have many effects.单一基因可能具有很多种效应。
  • The targeting of gene therapy has been paid close attention.其中基因治疗的靶向性是值得密切关注的问题之一。
4 aisle qxPz3     
  • The aisle was crammed with people.过道上挤满了人。
  • The girl ushered me along the aisle to my seat.引座小姐带领我沿着通道到我的座位上去。
5 sneaked fcb2f62c486b1c2ed19664da4b5204be     
v.潜行( sneak的过去式和过去分词 );偷偷溜走;(儿童向成人)打小报告;告状
  • I sneaked up the stairs. 我蹑手蹑脚地上了楼。
  • She sneaked a surreptitious glance at her watch. 她偷偷看了一眼手表。
6 tickle 2Jkzz     
  • Wilson was feeling restless. There was a tickle in his throat.威尔逊只觉得心神不定。嗓子眼里有些发痒。
  • I am tickle pink at the news.听到这消息我高兴得要命。

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