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  [00:59.80]How’d it go? 放生怎么样?
[01:01.80]Mission accomplished1. 任务完成了
[01:03.12]Was he happy? 他开心吗?
[01:08.16]Are you happy? 你开心吗?
[01:12.52]It’s a bird. I set it free. 就是一只鸟 我还了他自由
[01:15.68]Oh. 噢
[01:26.56]I need you to take me back to the hotel. 我需要你载我回酒店
[01:28.08]Okay. 好
[01:32.76]I feel better for having done it, okay? 完成了这事我感觉好多了 好吗?
[01:34.60]Listen, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. Really. 听着 如果你不想谈不用勉强 真的
[01:38.60]J just tell me what to say and I’ll say it. 就告诉我该说什么 我说
[01:40.28]I don’t... I don’t know. I’m not good... 我不...我不知道 我还不够好...
[01:40.60]No. 不要
[01:42.64]I haven’t thought this through. 我还没有想通
[01:45.96]You know, Burke, I like you. I like you. 你知道 布尔克 我喜欢你 我喜欢的是你
[01:49.80]Not the author. 不是那个作者
[01:51.32]Not the guy with the microphone2. 也不是手拿话筒的那个
[01:53.84]And I just... I just want to help. 我只是...只是想帮忙
[01:54.00]You know what, Eloise, I just... 你知道什么 艾洛伊丝 我只是...
[01:58.68]I need you to take me back to the hotel, right now, 我需要你把我载回酒店 现在
[02:01.52]and I need you to respect that. Burke, I will... 还有我需要你尊重那些      布尔克 我会的
[02:05.56]Damn it! You just don’t know when to quit, do you? 该死的!你就不知道什么时候会放弃 是吗?
[02:06.40]I asked you to stop and you just keep on. 我让你停下而你还是说个不停
[02:12.40]Maybe you’re the one who needs psychoanalysis. 也许你才是需要心理分析的那个
[02:14.08]Leave me alone, all right? 别来烦我 可以吗?
[02:19.76]I can catch my own ride back. 我可以自己搭车回去
[03:05.44]It’s about time. 是时间了
[03:08.80]Oh, my God! Where the hell3 have you been? 噢我的天啊!你去哪里了?
[03:11.96]It’s not important. U h-huh. 这不重要
[03:13.00]Well, let me tell you something that is important. 那么让我告诉你点重要的
[03:13.64]You blew off dinner and Vernon’s here. 你晚餐失约 弗农已经到了
[03:16.16]I mean, Jesus, you have got to... 我是说 上帝啊 你一定得...
[03:18.16]Lane4! 莱恩
[03:24.52]I’ll meet with him first thing in the morning, make sure he feels the love. 我一早就去和他会面 确保他感受到爱
[03:26.72]You, meanwhile, accept their offer, 同时 你接受他们的建议
[03:29.20]but tell them the DVD rollout is too late. 但是告诉他们影碟推出的太晚了
[03:29.72]I want it bumped5 up to next month. 我需要下个月就上市
[03:32.88]Jesus. 上帝啊
[03:35.24]What the hell happened to you, man? 发生什么事了 伙计?
[03:38.60]I can’t wait to get out of this city. 我要尽快离开这个城市

  [03:42.60]Hey! 嘿!
[03:44.12]Absolutely. 当然
[03:45.28]Is everything cool? 一切都还好吗?
[03:47.80]Yeah? Anything of note happen this afternoon? 是吗? 下午有什么重要的事发生吗
[03:48.64]Not particularly. 没什么特别的
[03:49.80]What about Eloise? 艾洛伊丝怎么办?
[03:52.80]Stop! Wait! Listen to me. 停下! 等等 听我说
[03:55.84]You know, you can talk to me if you want to. 你知道 如果你想就可以和我谈谈
[04:02.16]I know. I get all mixed up. I get caught up in this business shit, 我知道我都搞混了 精力都在这生意上
[04:06.52]but I want you to know 但是我想让你知道
[04:08.52]that I’m there for you if you need me to be. 如果你需要我就在这里
[04:15.40]She’s gone? What do you mean, she’s gone? 她走了? 是什么意思 她走了?
[04:15.56]She’s gone. 她走了
[04:19.24]I don’t know, man, I just... 我不知道 伙计 我只是...
[04:23.08]I screwed6 it up. 全搞砸了
[04:24.44]I threw all my... All my bullshit in her face. 我把...我所有的情绪发泄到她身上
[04:32.96]It could’ve been something. 本可以很美好的
[04:36.32]Night, Lane. Burke. 晚安 莱恩      布尔克
[04:38.84]Sleep well. Big day tomorrow. 睡个好觉 明天是个大日子
[04:40.00]Burke. 布尔克
[05:00.24]She’d be proud of you. 她会为你骄傲



1 accomplished UzwztZ     
  • Thanks to your help,we accomplished the task ahead of schedule.亏得你们帮忙,我们才提前完成了任务。
  • Removal of excess heat is accomplished by means of a radiator.通过散热器完成多余热量的排出。
2 microphone UDwxt     
  • He gave a tap at the microphone before speaking.他在讲话前先轻叩了一下扩音器。
  • She behaved naturally before the microphone.她在话筒前表现自然。
3 hell Tduzg     
  • It's a hell of a hike from Sydney to Perth.从悉尼到珀斯的徒步旅行简直苦死了。
  • The boss really gave me hell today.老板今天着实数落了我一通。
4 lane i2kxH     
  • There is a shop at the end of this lane.这条胡同的顶头有一家商店。
  • The champion is running in lane five.冠军跑在第五跑道上。
5 bumped 18898e46b2206e762fa80608d68ebdd5     
  • In the dark I bumped into a chair. 我在黑暗中撞上了一把椅子。
  • I bumped against an old friend in town today. 我今天在城里偶然碰见了一个老朋友。
6 screwed screwed     
adj.用螺丝拧紧的,螺丝状的,喝醉的v.用螺丝拧紧( screw的过去式和过去分词 );拧上去;(和某人)性交;诈骗(钱财等)
  • an extremely screwed-up kid 一个十分神经质的孩子
  • He screwed up his face at the nasty smell. 闻到这令人作呕的气味,他皱眉蹙额。 来自《简明英汉词典》

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