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  [00:03.12]- Your life is perfect. - Perfect? Are you crazy? 完美?你根本不了解
[00:07.64]You have no idea.
[00:09.64]You want to know the real reason why I decided1 to stay in New York? 我回来的真正原因…
[00:10.08]I got fiired from my job. 我被炒鱿,还被鲁度夫甩了
[00:13.08]And to top it off, Rudolfo dumped3 me.
[00:15.08]He dumped me. 是他甩了我
[00:18.64]And then George came along, and he was nice to me. 遇上乔治,他待我很好
[00:22.04]And he treated me well, you know? 慇勤体贴,你知道嘛
[00:26.44]And I just wanted to be someone that he wanted. 我想变成他要的人
[00:29.48]I was trying to be someone who deserved4 him: : : 和他匹配,他欣赏的人
[00:33.76]Someone he could respect.
[00:35.48]I was trying to be you. 我想变成你
[00:41.00]Why? 为何?
[00:43.52]Why would you want to be me when you get to be you? 为何不做自己要做我?
[00:47.96]- (Sighs) This is a mess: - I know. 一塌胡涂
[00:53.16]Jane, you've been trying to take care of me ever since Mom died. 是
[00:55.04]- I had to. - No, you didn't have to. - 我不得不 - 你不必
[00:59.88]- But- But if I don't then- - But if you don't... 若我不…
[01:02.20]then you'll just be my sister, which is what it should be. 只需做我姊姊便行
[01:07.56]Maybe when I was young you needed to help me out. But now? 小时候可能要帮,但现在…
[01:10.72]You gotta stop taking care of me... 不用再照顾我,或任何人
[01:13.12]of everybody.
[01:36.16](Faucet Turns On, Off)
[02:03.76](Rhone Ringing)
[02:06.00]Hello? Hi.
[02:10.28]Yeah. It's no problem. No, of course. 没问题,好
[02:12.28]Yeah, I'll be right there. Okay. Okay, bye. 我会去,好的
[02:29.24]Wow. (Chuckles)
[02:32.68]You look- You look great. 你好漂亮!
[02:38.44]So I guess you did need to fiind me a date for this benefiit after all. 最终还是要替我找舞伴
[02:42.32]I guess so. 是吧
[02:44.48]George, before we go anywhere, I just want to apologize for last night. 未去之前,我想为昨晚道歉
[02:46.40]I shouldn't have done what I did. 我不应那样
[02:48.44]Look, you did me a favor. 你是为我设想
[02:51.24]All right, it's not your fault I was about to marry someone I barely5 knew. 差点娶了个不认识的人
[02:54.80]I mean, what the hell2 was I thinking, right? 我竟然那么傻
[02:58.32]- So what do you say we forget the whole thing? - Okay. If you're sure. 一笔勾消吧?
[03:01.56]I'm sure. Now, I hate to ask you for another favor... 我说的
[03:05.88]but I need to print up my speech for tonight, and I cannot fiind the fiile. 我找不到今晚的讲词
[03:07.24]Oh, yeah. I can get it. 让我来
[03:10.84](Sighs) Jane, I am so thankful that I could call you tonight. 很高兴今晚找到你
[03:14.20]I can always count on you. You never say no. 永远不会说不的,我爱
[03:17.40]Which I love. (Chuckles)
[03:22.48]What? 什么?
[03:25.84]Well, l- I just meant- 我是指…
[03:29.24]I'm sorry. Did l- Did I say something wrong? 我说错什么吗?
[03:33.08]Oh, God. 天啊
[03:34.60]George, I quit. 我不干了
[03:41.96]- I quit: - What do you mean, you quit? - 我不干了 - 什么?
[03:43.24]When I came here after college, I was blown away by this company and by you. 毕业后被你公司吸引,也被你吸引
[03:47.32]And I got so caught up in the job that I never bothered to get my own life. 加入后拼命做,忘却自己
[03:50.28]I think I got too comfortable to leave. 从未想过走…
[03:52.28]Then I had to be here every day to see you because I was so madly in love with you. 因每天上班都可见到我深爱的你
[03:56.68](Nervous Chuckle)
[03:59.64]Yeah. (Chuckling) Horrible. 是
[04:01.64]Crazy- Crazy crush6. Crazy. 疯狂疯狂迷恋你
[04:05.88]But you'll be fiine, George. 没事的,乔治
[04:08.40]You will. You'll get somebody in this position... 会找到人替我
[04:08.76]who will stay for two years max, because that's what's acceptable7 and appropriate for this- 顶多做两年,最适合的…
[04:24.40]l- I'm sorry. Really sorry. 很抱歉,只是来得太突然…
[04:26.44]- I don't know. It just kind of, like, all of a sudden. - No. It's okay.

[04:32.52]I've always wanted to know what that would feel like.
[04:33.20]And? 如,何?
[04:38.80]- Nothin'. I didn't feel a thing. - Ouch. 没感觉,完全没有
[04:40.48]- That hurts. - (Both Chuckling) 很难受
[04:53.24]Nope. Not even a blip. You? 一点冲动也没有,你呢?
[04:55.80]Mmm. If I'm being honest, not really. 可以说真话吗?
[04:57.68]Yeah. That's not what it's supposed to feel like. 我也没有



1 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
2 hell Tduzg     
  • It's a hell of a hike from Sydney to Perth.从悉尼到珀斯的徒步旅行简直苦死了。
  • The boss really gave me hell today.老板今天着实数落了我一通。
3 dumped dumped     
adj.废弃的v.倾倒( dump的过去式和过去分词 );丢下;随便堆放;释放
  • Too much toxic waste is being dumped at sea. 太多的有毒废料在向大海里倾倒。
  • They dumped his belongings unceremoniously on the floor. 他们粗暴地把他的物品摔到地板上。
4 deserved 3ec8820eb4ea03e30f2c029028c1060b     
adj.应得的,当然的v.应受,应得,值得( deserve的过去式和过去分词 );应受报答;应得报酬;应得赔偿
  • Some of you deserved to succeed and others only scraped through. 你们当中有些人成功是理所当然,而有些人只是勉强及格。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Don't glare at me like that, you deserved the scolding. 不要那么瞪着我,你本该受到训斥的。 来自《简明英汉词典》
5 barely gyFz0w     
  • The male bird is barely distinguishable from the female.雄鸟和雌鸟几乎无法辨别。
  • He took barely enough money to keep the children in bread.他赚很少的钱仅够孩子们勉强糊口。
6 crush jy4xx     
  • This machine is made to crush the rock into powder.这台机器是用来把石头压成碎末的。
  • You can't crush so many people into the classroom.不能让这么多人挤进教室。
7 acceptable NIByZ     
  • The terms of the contract are acceptable to us.我们认为这个合同的条件可以接受。
  • Air pollution in the city had reached four times the acceptable levels.这座城市的空气污染程度曾高达可接受标准的四倍。

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