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Through it all, Obama enjoyed the adoration1 of liberal voters and the acquiescence2 of congressional progressives, who often refrained from a confrontation3 with the Democratic White House even when Obama's administration was steamrolling their agenda.


In constantly seeking common ground with the GOP, Obama may have expected some friendship in return. Instead, they gave him few congressional votes and offered even fewer words of praise. Then they delivered a midterm shellacking that effectively ended the possibility of transformational change.


Obama would later write that he avoided a crackdown on Wall Street because that might have "required a violence to the social order."


That reverence4 for the status quo—and deference5 to Wall Street after the financial crisis and housing meltdown—ultimately helped create the backlash conditions for the rise of Trump6. One data point suggested a direct linkage7: In one-third of the counties that flipped8 from Obama to Donald Trump, there had been an increase in the number of residents whose home mortgages were underwater in 2016, according to a study by the Center for American Progress.


"We would not have Trump as president if the Democrats9 had remained the party of the working class," University of California-Irvine professor Bernard Grofman recently told the New York Times." "Obama responded to the housing crisis with bailouts of the lenders and interlinked financial institutions, not of the folks losing their homes. And the stagnation10 of wages and income for the middle and bottom of the income distribution continued under Obama."


"We should be investing in deficit11 spending"


A decade later, it's unclear what Biden gleaned12 from his experience with Obama.


At some moments, he appears to finally be leaning away from his decades-long record as a budget-cutting fiscal13 hawk14, instead campaigning to expand Social Security, then embracing the idea of $2,000 stimulus15 checks and most recently declaring that "we should be investing in deficit spending in order to generate economic growth."


And yet at other moments he has done the opposite. He initially16 urged Democratic lawmakers to accept a stimulus plan with no stimulus checks. And tellingly, eight days after a violent right-wing uprising at the U.S. Capitol had eviscerated17 the GOP, he resuscitated18 and rewarded the party by signaling that—even though he needs no Republican votes—he would rather cut a deal with them on his first stimulus legislation than use ruthless legislative19 tactics to pass a more robust20 bill with only Democratic support.


This version of Biden mutes the calls for bold action and reflexively praises the GOP. He has asserted that once Trump is gone Republican leaders would have an "epiphany" and suddenly learn to work together with Democrats. He has also reportedly suggested he is not interested in investigating the outrages21 of the Trump administration; he has continued to say "we need a Republican Party" and he recently promised that "I'll never publicly embarrass" GOP lawmakers.




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  • He [She] is not allowed to commit any outrages. 不能任其胡作非为。

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